Main characteristics

VISUCARDŽ is a Personalization Validation Tool (PVT) designed to control personalization and to analyze content of contact smart cards, contactless cards and new form factors, based on Payment Schemes' specifications - including EMV.

• The Expertise workspace: smart card exploration with tree view visualization of card data.

• The Production Control workspace: verification of card personalization data based on card profiles.

• The Profile Editor workspace.

Key Features

• Contact, contactless and cellphone.

• Automated card check in production mode.

• Card control based on Payment Schemes rules and Issuer's profiles.

• Card exploration and visualization.

• Consistency checks (Magnetic stripe / chip data, multi-applications).

• Card profile editor for data verification.

• Card profile definition from a personalized card.

• Expertise and control of personalization data depending on application base (mandatory and optional tags).

• Useful output file generation: reports in RTF, APDU logs.

• Manual tests: PIN code management, SDA and DDA verification, Script processing.


VISUCARD GPVT confirmed by Visa

VISUCARDŽ GPVT implements the Visa Global Chip Card Personalization Validation (GCCPV) Requirements and has been confirmed by Visa.

VISUCARD MCW qualified by MasterCard

VISUCARDŽ MCW has been qualified as a listed Test Tool by MasterCard against its Card Personalization Validation (CPV) tool requirements and supports any MasterCard card products based on M/Chip or PayPass".

VISUCARD VTC confirmed by Visa

VISUCARDŽ VTC (Visa Test Cards) has been implemented in cooperation with Visa to support US-specific contactless rules, MSD and qVSDC, and to provide US Issuers with a Personalization module to personalize a CPS ready Visa contactless test cards.


• Visuscript: APDU script developper with embedded cryptographic functions.

• KeyControl: SSL interface with a secure server managing a HSM.

Technical Specifications

• Supported Reader: PC/SC contact or contactless, OMRON Magnetic stripe reader, XAC hybrid magnetic stripe and chip card reader optionally motorized.

• Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (recommended), Windows 8 (soon).

• Hardware Requirements: XGA monitor, 2 Gb hard disk space, one USB port, one port for the card reader (COM or USB).