Main Characteristics

• ParseIT is a parser tool to analyze transactional messages from raw data and logs.

• ParseIT provides a simple and effective way to fast detect, parse and compare messages.

• The intuitive interface provides quick access to the fields of the message, their value, their description and their validation.


• Friendly interface.

• Ready to use message format configuration file for Visanet, Banknet, SPDH, etc.

• Message format configuration file can be easily edited to handle any message format.

• Auto detect messages.

• Show parsing errors.

• Validate content of messages.

• Compare two messages.

• Much more.

Supported Protocols

• ISO 8583 with one, two or three bitmaps.

• ISO 7816 (EMV).

• SPDH and derivatives.

• XML.

• HEX, ASCII, BCD or EBCDIC format.

• LVAR, LLVAR and LLLVAR variable fields.

• TLV fields.

• Complex fields and sub-fields structures.

• Header and Trailer.

• Multiple messages formats versions.