Main characteristics

• KaNest®-ICC card simulator is a software to install on your PC.

• All simulated cards are stored on the PC for an instant access.

• KaNest®-ICC card simulator uses an external probe to insert or wave EMV cards.
The probe avoids long test cards manipulations. It provides instant results and an easy management of a large number of simulated test cards.

• Data exchanged between KaNest®-ICC card simulator and the terminal are displayed on screen in real time.

• Instant results with green or red color code are given at the end of the test.

• Results are stored on the PC for an immediate or later analysis.

Available Probes

• SIMCOS2: contact probe from Galitt.

• UltraSmart X-Core T Series: contact and contactless probe from Smartware.

• NomadLAB: contact and contactless probe from KeoLabs.

• Virtual Probe: software emulation using TCP/IP interface.

Probes are the latest technology which is replacing programmable test cards, as the number of test cases and the complexity of cases in the EMV world keeps growing.

Increase your card testing speed, reduce your test workload.

Key Features

• Contact & contactless smartcard tests.

• Full multi application.

• Off-the-shelves recognized Test Suites.

• Support of EMV, GP, e-purse, domestic schemes, healthcare cards, e-ID...

• Support of the Canadian Flag (ASF).

• Spy mode between EMV Card and Terminal (option).

• Remote control capabilities.

An industry reference

KaNest®-ICC is recognized as the state-of-the-art simulator for terminal testing.

It simulates all test cards provided by payment schemes. It also supports multi-application and GlobalPlatform environments. It is in fact used to test the Common Access Card of the US Department of Defense.

Technical Specifications

• Standards: ISO/IEC 7816 T=0 and T=1 contact cards, ISO 14443 type A or B contactless cards.

• Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (recommended), Windows 8, Windows 10.

• Hardware Requirements: XGA monitor, 2 Gb hard disk space, one USB port.