Main Characteristics

KaNest® host simulator (KN-S) is used to test terminals in transactional environment. KN-S validates received requests and sends back responses to the terminal.

The KN-S server simulation is used to perform unit testing, regression testing, and certification of terminal applications using black box testing techniques. The test automation capabilities provided by KN-S is used to automate testing and thus reduce test costs. It also reduces the need for costly test environment by providing an easy to manage server simulator.

KaNest® is a well known test tool used to test POS Terminal, ECR, as well as Acquirers hosts.

Key Features

• All test sessions logs are kept in files for deep post test analysis and for easy archiving of test results and audit trail requirements.

• ISO 8583, TLV, fixed or delimited fields, XML messages.

• Multiple simulation channels.

• Loopback capabilities.

• Sophisticated cryptography, including EMV algorithms.

• Support of external Microsoft Access database used to build data driven tests.

• Load and stress testing.

• Remote control capabilities.

The ultimate test tool

KaNest® simulator is a well recognized test software to help Q&A organizations to:

• Automate testing: with the flexibility of KaNest®, repetitive tests can be automated thus saving you precious man-hours that can be allocated in more productive tasks.

• Reduce testing cost: developing an in-house testing solution will drain more financial resources than opting for an already proven and well performing tool like KaNest®. The total cost can be at least 3 to 5 times lower with our simulator.

• Reduce test time: with an easiness of execution the test results provided are clear and easy to manage for a maximum degree of efficiency in the debugging phase.

• Enhance test quality: as the most critical phase in the implementation of any project, the testing phase gives you the quality insurance required in order to fulfill your commitment to your customers. KaNest® provides you with the peace of mind you need to do so with more than 20 years of proven quality testing.

An industry reference

KaNest® is recognized as the state-of-the-art simulator for interoperability testing. It is used by payment associations and networks to certify ISO 8583 members.

It is recognized providing a significant cost saving for testing.

KaNest® can adapt to almost any protocol. It is used to simulate a wide range of transactional systems, including stock exchange, ticketting, payment hosts and terminals.

Licensing Levels

• KaNest® Viewer to view and print results files (free).

• KaNest® Runtime to execute pre defined test suites, view and print results files.

• KaNest® Developer to develop test cases (Workshop), execute test suites, view and print results files.

• KaNest® Editor to customized the protocol parser (Repository), develop test cases (Workshop), execute test suites, view and print results files.

Technical Specifications

• Communications: TCP/IP, Dial-up, RS232, X25.

• Formats: ISO 8583 bitmap, TLV fields, Fixed and delimited fields, XML.

• Cryptography: AES, CRC, simple and triple DES, HASF118, LRC, LUHN, MAC, MD2, PIN-Bloc, RSA, RSA CRT, SHA, etc.

• Supported OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (recommended), Windows 8 (soon).

• Hardware Requirements: XGA monitor, 2 Gb hard disk space, one USB port.