Main Characteristics

KaNest-File® is used to validate the file format of large files.

KaNest-File® shares the same interface with all other KaNest® softwares.

Key Features

• Automated file validation.

• Files compare.

• Creation of test files.

• Format compliance and data validation.

• Data aging and anonymizing.

• Support flat files, ISO-8583 files and XML files.

• Full cryptography (EMV, DES).

• Remote control capabilities.

The ultimate test tool

KaNest-File® is a well recognized test software to help Q&A organizations to:

• Automate testing with the flexibility of KaNest®, repetitive tests can be automated thus saving you precious man-hours that can be allocated in more productive tasks.

• Reduce testing cost developing an in-house testing solution will drain more financial resources than opting for an already proven and well performing tool like KaNest®. The total cost can be at least 3 to 5 times lower with our simulator.

• Reduce test time with an easiness of execution the test results provided are clear and easy to manage for a maximum degree of efficiency in the debugging phase.

• Enhance test quality as the most critical phase in the implementation of any project, the testing phase gives you the quality insurance required in order to fulfill your commitment to your customers. KaNest® provides you with the peace of mind you need to do so with more than 20 years of proven quality testing.

Licensing Levels

• KaNest-File®Zoom to display and validate files according to its format.

• KaNest-File®Exec to execute tests suite.

• KaNest-File®Editor to customized files format and test cases.

Technical Specifications

• File Transfert: FTP, FTPS, HTTP.

• Formats: flat files, XML, ISO 8583 bitmap, TLV fields, Fixed and delimited fields, ASCII and EBCDIC.

• Cryptography: AES, CRC, simple and triple DES, HASF118, LRC, LUHN, MAC, MD2, PIN-Bloc, RSA, RSA CRT, SHA, etc.

• Import formats: XSD, XLS, Clause Copy COBOL.

• Standards: SEPA (ISO 2002), ISO 8583,, Visa Base2, Visa Safe, Mastercard ECCF, SWIFT, EDIFACT, CFONB, PAYMUL, VCOM, etc.

• Supported OS: Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (recommended), Windows Vista, Windows 7.

• Hardware Requirements: XGA monitor, 2 Gb hard disk space, one USB port.