KaSYS Canada

KaSYS Canada (www.kasys.ca) offers its unique test expertise in electronic payment systems, transactional systems and EMV cards, across Canada and the United States. Established in Montréal (Québec) since 2002, KaSYS Canada is recognized for the quality of its testing solutions and for the practical know-how of its consultants.

KaSYS Canada is the sole software editor of the acclaimed KaProbe® and ParseIT® softwares.

KaSYS Canada distributes Galitt (www.galitt.fr) test tools, the most exhaustive and the most flexible available in the payment market, with easy-to-use results and highly sophisticated automation capabilities.

KaSYS Canada distributes Keolabs (www.keolabs.com) smart card validation test platforms and certification solutions for the microelectronics industry.

KaSYS Canada distributes Cashware (www.cashware.biz) ATM simulator. Cashware is recognized as the European J/XFS specialist.

Press Releases


KaSYS Canada Distributes Keolabs Products

Keolabs (merger of Raisonance and Soliatis) provides a complete range of tools used extensively by industry leaders and certification laboratories to ensure conformity of contact and contactless smart cards to industry standards (ISO 10373, ISO 7816, NFC, ETSI, ICAO, EMV...).


The Art of EMV Testing

Prepared by Jean-Christophe Derré, General Manager of KaSYS Canada, this guide summarizes best practices of EMV testing. The content is relevant and timely as the technology is emerging in the US electronic payment market.



Discover ParseIT, the new simple and powerful parsing solution.